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Raja Ampat

Diving in a re-found paradise

The Raja Ampat are located on the western side of the second largest Island in the world, New Guinea. 60% of this mountanous Island is covered by jungle where we still find Papuans living in original Malenasian tradition. The Islands of Raja Ampat are situated off the coast of Sorong, including Misol in the South, and are world renowned for their exceptionally rich waters. The density of coral and fauna is made all the more impressive by the amazing numbers and species of fish. Many of our experienced clients rate this as one of the best sites in the world.

But the wonders don't cease there. The land and seascapes are marevellous with white sandy beaches on small islands bordered by tropical forests. In the areras where we can enter the forests we discover a multicolored world with beautiful orchids, parots and cockatoos to name a few.

More than just a dive trip, discovering Raja Ampat is truly a step back in time to encounter life at the source.